Strawberries & Cream Pie

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Strawberries & Cream Pie is a delicious dessert with a simple filling made with sour cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and flour blended until frothy. The filling is then poured into a prepared crust before being topped with sliced strawberries.

This pie can be made with fresh berries or frozen, sliced ones, making it a versatile treat. Whether you are looking for an easy, no-bake dessert or a refreshing summer treat, Strawberries & Cream Pie is perfect.

Introduction To Strawberries & Cream Pie

Indulge in the delightful combination of fresh strawberries and creamy filling with our Strawberries & Cream Pie. Made with simple ingredients and a no-bake recipe, this pie is the perfect summer treat. Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavors of strawberries in every bite.

Strawberries & Cream Pie is a delightful dessert that combines the tangy sweetness of fresh strawberries with a creamy filling, all nestled in a flaky pie crust. It’s a perfect treat for any occasion, whether a summer picnic or a cozy winter gathering. In this blog post, we will explore the delicious world of strawberries and cream pie and learn more about its ingredients, how to prevent it from becoming watery, and what exactly goes into the strawberry pie filling.

What Is Strawberries and Cream Pie Made Of?

Regarding strawberries and cream pie, the ingredients are simple yet create a mouthwatering combination. This delectable pie is filled with sour cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and flour until bubbly. This creamy mixture is then poured into a prepared crust, ready to be topped with the star ingredient—sliced strawberries. While I prefer fresh berries, you can opt for thawed and rinsed frozen sliced strawberries. The result is a pie bursting with new fruit flavors and velvety smoothness.

Why does my strawberry pie get watery?

If you’re wondering why your strawberry pie tends to become watery, fear not; there are ways to prevent this problem. One common reason for runny pies is not using the right amount of cornstarch, a thickening agent. To ensure proper consistency, dissolve cornstarch in a cold liquid first, then heat it until it reaches its boiling point. This step is crucial as it activates the thickening power of cornstarch, preventing any excess liquid in your pie filling. By following this simple technique, you can enjoy a strawberry pie that is perfectly balanced and not overly watery.

What is strawberry pie filling made of?

The strawberry pie filling is made using a combination of ingredients that enhance the natural sweetness of the strawberries. While variations exist, a typical strawberry pie filling recipe includes sliced strawberries mixed with sugar to enhance their natural sweetness. This mixture is combined with cornstarch, which acts as a thickening agent, helping the filling to set correctly. The result is a luscious, gooey strawberry filling that perfectly complements the creamy base of the pie. You can also top your pie with a dollop of whipped cream for an extra touch of indulgence.

Strawberries & Cream Pie

Variations Of Strawberries & Cream Pie

When indulging in the heavenly combination of strawberries and cream in the form of a pie, there are several mouthwatering variations to choose from. Whether you prefer a classic recipe with vanilla pudding or a refreshing no-bake version, there’s a variation of strawberries and cream pie to satisfy every dessert lover’s cravings. Let’s take a closer look at these delectable options:

Strawberries and Cream Pie With Vanilla Pudding

If you’re a fan of rich and creamy desserts, Strawberries & Cream Pie with Vanilla Pudding will surely tickle your taste buds. This delectable pie features a velvety vanilla pudding filling that perfectly complements the sweetness of fresh strawberries. The smooth pudding adds a luxurious touch to the pie, making each bite an absolute delight. You can top the pie with whipped cream and fresh strawberry slices to make things even more indulgent. This variation is a true crowd-pleaser that will leave your guests craving more.

No-bake Strawberries and Cream Pie

For those sunny days when you don’t feel like turning on the oven, the No-Bake Strawberries & Cream Pie is the perfect choice. This fuss-free variation requires only a handful of ingredients and absolutely no baking. The graham cracker crust provides a delightful crunch, while the creamy filling with cream cheese and whipped cream melts in your mouth. Of course, the show’s star is the generous amount of fresh strawberries delicately layered on top. The result is a refreshing and creamy dessert that will cool you down on even the hottest summer days.

Philadelphia Strawberries & Cream Pie

The Philadelphia Strawberries & Cream Pie is a must-try if you’re looking for a tangy twist. This variation features a creamy, savory filling with Philadelphia cream cheese, sour cream, and lemon juice. The combination of flavors creates a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness that pairs perfectly with the juicy strawberries. The pie can be enjoyed as is or topped with a dollop of whipped cream for an extra indulgent treat. With its unique flavor profile, the Philadelphia Strawberries & Cream Pie will impress your taste buds and guests.

Recipes And Places To Get Strawberries & Cream Pie

If you’re a fan of the sweet and tangy combination of strawberries and cream, you’ll love indulging in a delicious Strawberries & Cream Pie. Whether you’re in the mood to whip up your homemade pie or prefer to grab a slice from your favorite bakery or restaurant, we’ve got you covered. Here are some mouthwatering recipes and places to get the perfect strawberries and cream pie:

Danda’s Strawberry Cream Pie Recipe

Dan Dan’s Strawberry Cream Pie Recipe is a must-try if you’re in the culinary spirit and want to try baking your strawberries and cream pie. This recipe combines a light, airy filling of sweet cream cheese, whipped cream, and fresh berries piled high on a Graham cracker crust. The result is a delectable dessert that will leave you craving for more. So put on your apron and bring out your baking skills.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe

The Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie recipe is a winner for those who appreciate cream cheese’s richness and creamy texture. This recipe combines a luscious whipped cheesecake filling, a buttery Graham cracker crust, and a jammy strawberry topping that will make your taste buds dance with delight. The tangy cream cheese and sweet strawberries combined are irresistible.

No Bake Strawberry Pie From McDonald’s

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious option, you can’t go wrong with the No Bake Strawberry Pie from McDonald’s. This pie is perfect for those hot summer days when you want something refreshing and sweet. It features a buttery crust filled with a creamy strawberry filling and luscious whipped cream. It’s the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth on the go.

Strawberry Cream Pie From The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman is known for her delicious and homey recipes, and her Strawberry Cream Pie is no exception. This pie features a creamy filling made with sour cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and flour, poured into a prepared crust, and topped with sliced fresh strawberries. The tangy sour cream filling and the juicy strawberries create a perfect balance of flavors.

Strawberry Cream Pie From Southern Plate

If you’re a fan of comfort food with a twist, then you’ll love the Strawberry Cream Pie recipe from Southern Plate. This pie features a creamy filling topped with fresh strawberries and a glaze. The velvety texture of the filling, combined with the sweet and tart flavors of the strawberries, is a match made in pie heaven.

Strawberries & Cream Pie

Strawberries & Cream Pie

Frequently Asked Questions For Strawberries & Cream Pie

What Is Strawberry Cream Pie Made Of?

Strawberry cream pie is a simple filling of sour cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and flour, blended until frothy. The filling is poured into a prepared crust and topped with sliced strawberries. Fresh or frozen berries can be used.

No baking required!

Why Does My Strawberry Pie Get Watery?

Use the right amount of cornstarch in your recipe to prevent your strawberry pie from getting watery. Dissolve the cornstarch in a cold liquid before heating it to its boiling point to activate its thickening power.

What Is Strawberry Pie Filling Made Of?

Strawberry pie filling contains sour cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and flour. These ingredients are blended and poured into a pie crust before being topped with sliced strawberries. Optional whipped cream can be added as a topping.

How Many Calories In A Strawberry Cream Pie At Mcdonald’s?

A strawberry cream pie at McDonald’s contains 290 calories.


In this delicious Strawberries and cream Pie, the filling is a delightful blend of sour cream, milk, eggs, sugar, and flour, resulting in a frothy and creamy texture. This pie is the perfect summer dessert topped with fresh or thawed strawberries.

You can prevent any runniness with the right amount of cornstarch dissolved and heated to its boiling point. Give this easy, no-bake pie a try and indulge in its deliciousness. Enjoy a slice of creamy goodness with strawberries’ sweet and tangy flavors.

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